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Welcome to Bogarts Bar & Grill’s Update Page. We do things a little different around here. We like to provide our readers a unique experience. Specifically, we believing in giving back to Toronto because it’s given so much to us.

On top of our delicious bbq and grilled menu options, we also like to serve up something a bit different. That’s our unique “public service”in the form of reviews, recommendations and all things helpful to our community.

All of the posts you will find on this page will be recommendations that are useful to both Toronto residents and visitors alike.  and.. we might just thrown in some talk about the Jays and the Leafs as well!

Stay tuned for all things Toronto! (and Go Leafs Go)

An Up and Coming Company Doing Great for the Toronto Community

toronto business owners holding an open sign

Working in the family business, you come to appreciate the value of entrepreneurship. There’s something something really special about an individual or a small company lay it all on the line to accomplish something great. Often times, greater the the individual parts put together.

Today’s post is about a company I encountered that is doing something rather unique.

The company is a Toronto Airport Limo | www.capitollimousines.com and what they’re doing is basically partnering with local business owners to help them grow.

It’s no secret that a lot of small businesses struggle with organization and a lot with generating sales and I had a chance to speak with Andrew at Capitol a bit about it and below are a few direct quotes from our conversation.

How is Capitol Limousines helping Toronto business owners?

Well to start, our target customer is the Toronto business man/women. Now that doesn’t necessarily mean they are business owners but many of them are and we’re focused on providing them a service. Beyond this what we’re doing is helping the owners of smaller airport limousine services to start utilizing their cars more and running more rides to the airport. We basically take the responsibility of branding away from these owners and all they need to do is focus on providing a great service. For this reason I’m really big on working with people that show passion for what they do!

How do you see the company growing?

We want to grow with our fellow business owners but obviously our goal is big. We want to be the number one alternative for anyone looking for a ride to the airport. Kleenex took a branded word and made it synonymous with facial tissue… I’m not sure how well “Capitol Limousines” rolls off the tongue but we’re looking for the ‘Kleenex effect’ here in Toronto and we intend to get there by continuing to make both our business partners and our customers insanely happy through great service.

What specifically do you do to facilitate?

We offer branding guidance, etiquette critique and service tips in addition to a continuous supply of customers looking for rides. We’re very selective about our business partners (drivers) to ensure that they will uphold the level of integrity that the Capitol brand requires. For this reason we’re constantly networking with new airport limo service owners to grow our partner network.

The reason I shared this article is that I think it’s important to acknowledge when business owners use entrepreneurship to create win-win scenarios. People who are successful in business generally tend to be good at solving problems and this company just seems to be doing both. Next time you need a ride to the airport, give them a call!

Cheers Toronto!


Following our favourite team

here in Toronto it’s become a bit of a tradition for businesses to focus on our city’s biggest sports team, the Toronto Maple Leafs.

I’ve grown up playing hockey since the age of three and can relate to fellow Torontonians who, no matter what happens with this team, never abandon it.

Luckily Toronto has something to celebrate right now because we’re on a bit of a win streak (2 games, but let’s be real, we’ve got to celebrate our small victories here!)

When things are hot, they’re hot!

If you haven’t been following the controversy between Randy Carlyle and Jake Gardener, let me bring you up to speed.

First off, it’s no secret that these two do not really see eye to eye. What’s worse, at least for Gardener, is that Stuart Percy is playing his heart out right now and impressing just about everyone.

Being a lower salary and appearing to be more responsible in the role, is it possible that Toronto will be looking to offload their newly signed defensemen?

Crazier things have happened. At the end of the day, someone will have to find a way to make this work on the Toronto bench. Right now Carlyle isn’t specifically looking to get rid of Gardiner, but he also doesn’t really seem to know how to fit him in. The team is doing well at the moment, why shake things up?

Let’s just agree on this:

I’ve been wanting to see the leafs win a cup since I was a young kid… needless to say, I welcome anything that could make that a possibility! This city has so many impressive attributes but we’ve been lacking in one major area. And that’s winning teams.

If a shift to another team for Gardiner brings some highly offensive players back to Toronto in exchange, I’d like to see it! and I think a lot of you might be with me on that one? Am I right?

A bit more about Percy

This appears to be a guy to watch. With among the highest on ice times for his entire team he seems to be willing to put in the effort. On top of this, assistant coach Peter Horachek said that “he’s making really good decisions. He’s showing really good hockey sense and poise with the puck.”

My thoughts are this: We can never really tell who will be a winner. We can only make our moves and hope for a bit of luck. Let’s just hope this is our year in Toronto!

For all you leafs fans! Go Leaf Go!